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reputation in lamination

Using the latest technology and a team of highly experienced fabricators, Design & Display can satisfy your demands for quality laminated products.

With our in-house postforming department we have the ability to produce all configurations of postformed products.

The fabrication line allows laminated panels to be bonded to a size of
3050mm x 1525mm.

Laminate products can be edged in a number of materials, including 3mm PVC, wood laminate and melamine. The laminate panel can be cut, profiled and edged to any shape and size.

laminated toilet cubicle system

Design & Display's toilet cubicles are designed and manufactured to your individual specifications. They are suitable for use in hotels, shops and offices, hospitals, schools, public buildings and restaurants and many more areas. A moisture resistant core is used in places such as swimming pools and shower cubicles.

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cubicle specification

System A
A 15mm or 18mm core faced two sides in a high pressure decorative laminate with all edges square and faced in laminate.
System B
A 15mm or 18mm core faced two sides in a high pressure decorative laminate with doors and partitions square edged and postformed pilasters and top rails.
System C
A 12mm solid grade laminate core.
System D
Economy range 18mm melamine faced and square edged.

fitting a cubicle

the clear-cut steps below gives you a basic guide on how to fix together one or more cubicles.

Step 1 - Measuring Up
Measure and mark off a vertical line on the back wall for the positions of the partitions. Then mark on the wall the positions to fix the 3 brackets.

Step 2 - Fitting Brackets
Fix 3 channel brackets required for each partition on the vertical line drawn on the wall.

Step 3 - Fitting Partitions
Ensure the partition is level and fix the brackets to the partition using the t-nuts provided.

Step 4 - Fitting Fascia
Mark off the positions of the 3 brackets on the fascia. Fix the channel brackets to the fascias the fix the fascias to the end of the partition.

Step 5 - Fitting Partition Support
Attach the support leg to the partition and adjust to the correct height. Ensure the partition is aligned correctly and fix the support to floor.

Step 6 - Fitting Headrail
With the partitions and fascias permanently fixed, the headrail must be placed in position over the tops of the fascias bridging the door gap.

Step 7 - Fitting The Door, Hinges & Lock Assembly
Attach the hinges to the fascia and door ensuring the door is hung horizontal then attach the indicator bolt to the door. Engage the lock and mark off on the fascia the point to attach the keep. Unlock the indicator bolt and attach the keep using the fixings provided.

tips for cleaning and maintenance

Grimy panels can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. To remove persistent stains use organic solvents, e.g. bathroom cleaner. Remember not to use strong acidic or alkaline substances.

Cubicle Fixings 
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B2 Bracket B4 Bracket L6 LegHR1 Head Rail IBCHAL Indicator Bolt UTLHI Hinge CO1 Coat Hook TO1 Toilet Roll Holder

'L' Bracket 'U' Bracket 'L' Bracket 'L' Bracket 'L' Bracket 'L' Bracket 'L' Bracket Hinge 'U' Bracket Hinge 'L' Bracket 'L' Bracket 'L' Bracket Leg Leg Leg Headrail Indicator bolt assembly Indicator bolt assembly